Business Performance Services
Newagen Group's Business Performance Services are targeted at improving the operational efficiency and effectiveness of your business. Whether you are an established business or a new operation, we help you focus on the operational and cost drivers that impact your business performance to achieve long term value.

We offer specific services aimed at operational assessment, business process improvement and managing the challenges of change in an organization. Our services include:

> Rapid Assessment

We develop a portfolio of innovative solutions, improvement opportunities and an action plan for capitalizing on them to realize gains in business performance. We emphasize identification of immediate operational improvement and cost reduction opportunities. The rapid assessment addresses business, technology, and organizational opportunities, considering the dimensions of your companyís growth, operational efficiency and use of capital.

> Performance Measurement

Business impact requires focus and measurement. Our performance measurement approach links your measures of economic value with the dimensions of your companyís strategic objectives, process-specific operational drivers, organization alignment and technology capabilities. We work with you to develop a measurement scorecard relevant to your business and implement a process for effectively using it.

> Process Transformation

Process improvement and transformation focuses on execution of those initiatives identified in your improvement portfolio to generate tangible results. We concentrate on implementation of process change and rapid delivery of real world business performance improvements to you.

> Change Management

One of the most difficult elements to manage in your business is change. Actively managing change can be the difference between success and failure for new initiatives. Newagen Groupís approach is proactive, emphasizing practical consideration of risk and establishing concrete actions to mitigate and manage it. When undertaking significant, complex projects, this approach helps build momentum and permits pre-emptive action to deal with issues early, when they are more easily managed.