Technology Services
Newagen Group provides technology services to assist you both in leveraging your existing assets as well as the evaluation, design and implementation of new technology solutions. Our philosophy is one of collaboration. We work closely with both you and your technology suppliers to develop tailored solutions for your specific needs. Teaming enables you to leverage both the comprehensive capability of today's application solutions and the holistic view that Newagen Group brings to every assignment. This ensures the critical dimensions of people and process, together with technology are all crafted into your solutions. Specific service offerings include:

> IT Effectiveness Services

-- IT Assessment:
Concerned about productivity and effectiveness of your IT function? IT Assessments assist you in pinpointing IT improvement opportunities in areas such as IT processes, organization, staffing, skill set, use of technology, standards, methodology and customer satisfaction.

-- Application Effectiveness Diagnostic:
Many companies have implemented applications, but have not yet realized all of the expected results. The Application Effectiveness Diagnostic targets improvements along the end to end processes that your applications support. We work with you to identify opportunities for improved or expanded use of applications that are aimed at driving consistent, sustainable results.

-- IT Strategy & Alignment:
Organizations that most effectively leverage their IT assets, do so with a technology strategy that is explicitly aligned with their business strategy and direction. They support their strategy with an operational model that equips IT to maximize return on IT investment. Newagen Group's approach considers the dimensions of your organization, operations and technology. We work with you to develop an IT strategy that emphasizes effective delivery and service, cost containment and organizational productivity. Our objective is to assist you in defining an IT operating model that is practical for your business and to provide a clear plan for achieving it.
> Software & Technology Evaluation/Selection Services

Newagen Group helps you choose the software and technology that best aligns with your overall business strategy and needs. Our approach brings proven evaluation templates and methods to your process, enabling us to target your critical business solution requirements. We utilize these tools and a time-boxed approach to drive focus and speed. Our objective is to provide you with an informed basis for this critical decision, faster and at lower cost. We have evaluated, selected and implemented software packages across a broad range of environments and industries. Our experiences include global enterprises, start up businesses seeking an "out of the box" solution, as well as companies seeking to extend their application footprints beyond core applications.

> Implementation Services

Newagen Group provides implementation services in support of:

-- Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Applications
-- Business Intelligence and Reporting Solutions
-- Extended enterprise & collaborative solutions (Supplier, Customer, Employee)

Our implementation approach is characterized by three key elements:

-- BUSINESS PERFORMANCE FOCUS: We concentrate on business objectives and operational drivers to ensure that your implementation achieves the desired business impact.

-- SPEED: We aggressively manage your effort with disciplined time-boxing techniques. Scope and deliverables are prioritized based on your most critical operational needs as well as technology considerations.

-- FLEXIBILITY & SCALABILITY: Implementations are planned and executed within the context of your long term business goals and strategy. We leverage the modular flexibility of today's solutions to deliver results now, while preserving options for increasing capability and extending applications over the long term.

Newagen Group employs tested implementation methodologies, tools and techniques. Coupled with the knowledge and experience that can be secured only through hands-on work on many implementations, they provide your project with rapid, predictable and consistent delivery of value.