Program & Project Management Services
Many companies today find themselves in an environment characterized by multiple programs, projects and initiatives. With so many concurrent activities underway, it is easy to experience “initiative overload”. Objectives and priorities become blurred—sometimes overlapping, sometimes conflicting. Availability of key management resources is limited. Project management approaches, tools and measurement techniques may be inconsistent. Knowledge and expertise may be repeatedly developed or simply lost because of an inability to preserve, package and reuse it. Against this backdrop, program and project managers are challenged to radically step up their ability to successfully deliver faster, more consistently and with greater business impact.

Program & Project Management services are designed to assist you with all the elements of this increasingly complex challenge. Newagen Group provides support, both across the entire program management life cycle and targeted at discrete points within it. Services include:
> Program & Project Planning and Management

Newagen Group applies consistent, repeatable program standards and methods to your initiative. We capture the specific elements of your initiative in a comprehensive charter that provides the foundation and structure for managing the entire program/project life cycle. Our methods, tools and techniques address scope, schedule & resources, measurement & reporting, issues & escalation actions, risk & quality and program knowledge.

> Project Quality Assurance(QA) & Risk Assessment

Independent reviews early in the process and recurring throughout a project continuum can reduce risk of failure and assist in delivering expected benefits. Newagen Group’s QA & Risk assessment provides the benefit of a timely, independent review. An assessment identifies project risk together with alternatives for corrective action before problems and costs escalate. Independence is critical to the success of any project review. It permits an unbiased picture of project performance, identifying project issues that dilute the benefits and return on investment that you expect. Project issues are identified and presented unencumbered by internal politics. Alternatives and recommendations, based on an objective analysis of the issues, are provided as part of the assessment. Our QA & Risk Assessment is rigorous, applying a comprehensive set of evaluation standards that address all elements of the project. As risks are identified, we work with you to define a risk mitigation strategy, supported by specific actions.

> Troubled Project Stabilization and Turnaround

Studies indicate more than half of all IT and transformation projects do not meet expectations and are considered failures. Troubled projects are often characterized by confusion, incomplete information and emotion. Troubled projects require rapid, focused evaluation and clear, decisive action. Newagen Group brings a well-defined process that begins with a fact-based assessment of the situation, triage of the issues and evaluation of alternative courses of action. With a course of action established, we work with you to execute that plan.