Special Services
> M&A Integration and Transition Management Services

Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures introduce levels of risk and complexity that can overwhelm an organization. Substantial evidence exists to suggest that many, if not the majority of transactions fail to fully realize the value originally contemplated. Timely execution is an essential element of any transaction if it is to be smoothly completed and operationally successful.  Newagen Group assists companies in establishing a well-defined process for M&A integration and transition management. Our approach emphasizes clear vision, focus, proactive risk management and communication to drive speed. Spanning the entire process from evaluation, through transaction close and the post-close transition period, specific services include:

-- Due diligence support
-- Integration and transition planning
-- Program management supporting operational & technology integration
-- Communications and change management coaching
-- Process and technology implementation

> Litigation Support Services

Newagen Group offers objective, professional consultation to your case team in support of dispute litigation/arbitration. Our professionals work as an integral part of your case team to assist you in case evaluation, case development and preparation, case management support and trial/arbitration support.

> Management Advisory Services

The challenges and pressures facing today’s executives are intense. Time demands and deadlines are unrelenting. There is information overload and yet information may be incomplete. Often Management can benefit from the context, the perspective, that different point of view that another seasoned executive can provide. Newagen Group provides Management with ad hoc and immediate access to senior executives who can draw on their breadth and depth of expertise to explore alternatives and provide counsel on issues ranging from the tactical to the strategic.